The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Excellent!


sample: [first... an emotional protectiveness..
now... one of sympathy.. Excellent!
From the Star Trek pilot episode

Pat Fish : Downey Mildew, Arthur Lee
Pat Fish : Moskovskaya, London taxis
Pat Fish : Edie Sedgwick, Harry Lime, Toys R Us, Miss 259
Paul Mulreany : Killer whales and scarey Elvis pictures that light up
All: Check-up from the neck up
All: Basement fish can swar you up

swar = "get you high"

All: These are the things that we salute
All: Excellent
All: Excellent

Pat Fish : Rodichenko, Pocket trout
Pat Fish : Doktor Dream and puffing out
Paul Mulreany : Sister lovers Sherlock Holmes
Paul Mulreany : Donut World and Shane Mcgowan
Paul Mulreany : Slaughtered Tories, Barnsley Police
Pat Fish : News from nowhere, Euphrates.
Pat Fish : Bus cat, Muskat, the Vegette

Muskat is a type of grape wine.
the Vegette is Richard Formby 's fifties vegetable rack - a design classic!


All: These are the things that we would vote for
All: Excellent
All: Excellent

Pat Fish : Dennis Hopper, boss of fuck
Laurence O'Keefe : San Fransisco, Daffy Duck
Pat Fish : Sonic Boom and Woodhouse, Leeds
Laurence O'Keefe : Stolichnaya, Jimmy Greaves

Jimmy & Nobby are sixties footballers.
Moskovskaya & Stolichnaya are Russian vodkas.

Pat Fish : The Robot, chip shops girls at bus stops
Paul Mulreany : Ray & Moster-Boy Molloy
Roy & Steve Molloy are our pals.

Laurence O'Keefe : Soap-threat Daleks, Kelly Bundy killer eggs and submarines

Chorus: (x3)

All: These are the things we could use a case of
All: Excellent
All: Excellent

Paul Mulreany : Ozone layers cassette players
Paul Mulreany : Mental sex and cigarettes


Laurence O'Keefe : Betty Davis Foghorn Leghorn
Pat Fish : Nobby Stiles and lots of miles


Pat Fish : Cell Block H and Russian tanks
Laurence O'Keefe : Burning heads and burning banks

Chorus (x2)

( Laurence O'Keefe : Tago Mago
Pat Fish : Yellow Pages Thousand Islands) demo version.

the JBC have no record of these lines!


Paul Mulreany : Bathroom parties, Rita Rudner, Brian Wilson
All: Vegetables!!


Pat Fish : Edgar Wallace, Edward Ball
Paul Mulreany : Camel Filters in the box


Pat Fish : Art, beer, music, cats and fish


Richard Formby : Sir Giles, Gilbert-Scott, 1924 G-Series Public Telephone Kiosk!

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  • Tago Mago
    headstone[at] - The Butcher, NN1
    30Jan2006 2:52 PM (15 years 108 days ago)
    Yes, I'm pretty sure that "Tago Mago" is right. We were well into Can at the time...and still are. Pat xxx
  • missing words
    antisocialism[at] - sarianna, new york city
    28Jan2006 1:08 PM (15 years 110 days ago)
    i could'a sworn i heaqrd him say "tago mago"...