The Jazz Butcher
The Jazz Butcher Lyrics The Hairbrush And The Tank


The Hairbrush And The Tank
Sunglasses against the bright coloured lights
As enticing as a line that won't scan
Hanging around in a German nightclub
Hoping someone's looking for a man
Sharing a room with Tufty's replacement
we used to call David J. "Tufty" for his habit of sneaking food off the rider for a solitary midnight feast in the hotel. Tufty was a squirrel on kids' T.V.

Looking all the time for a bank
I needed trouble like a hole in the head
I had to choose between the hairbrush and the tank

She looked like a German handful, both Martyr and maitresse
Pursuing Vout-Baby round the bar in a too-tight 40's dress

Vout-Baby was Mitch Jenkins 's chosen moniker on this tour.

I couldn't keep my hands off her
She said she liked the Soft Boys best
Antecedents in Odessa, another victim in the West
She looked like a beauty with Latin verse
The only one in the place
I even forgot about yo Joachim, who sets the wicked pace.
Joachim was the tour promoter

The bicycle was doing time, we were doing the Bremen bump
I wouldn't drink the water if I were you
It's like walking in a dead man's pumps
She looked at me so lethally, she didn't even stay to be thanked
Oh, unglaublich, I remember the hairbrush and the tank

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