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Jazz Butcher Theme
Now, I'm your Jazz Butcher, and you've heard my name,
But you've wondered about my game. We're gonna tell you right now.
Stay on the scene like a... fruit machine.

Aw, now it's happy hour in the abbatoir.
You mash-potato with a fried alligator.
You get down on your back. Do you like it like that?
I said my meat is the best, and it's written on my vest,
It's a fact, because
I'm the Jazz Butcher, Jazz Butcher, Jazz Butcher - whoooa Oh Oh Oh.

Now you're walking around with your head on the ground;
You need a little chicken, you need something, something you can lick in.
My meat is so good, and my meat is so fine.
Get down with my meat - it's gonna hit you with the beat.
It's a fact because
I'm the Jazz Butcher, Jazz Butcher, Jazz Butcher - whoooa Oh Oh Oh.


Drum and bass now!

A little pinch now... are you ready, gentlemen?
The Jazz Butcher, Jazz Butcher, Jazz Butcher - whoooa Oh Oh Oh.

We're gonna ham it up now...
Aw, hit me.
SSSSHHH - hey, hey, what's that sound?
Everybody dig what's going down.
I need a taxi home...
All the trains have closed down...
And my girlfriend's gone home with her sister...
I need a taxi home...
I need a taxi home...

Here comes the bit about New York buildings...
The New York buildings are immensely tall... and not at all offensive.

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  • Jazz B.Theme
    JonathanJ[at] - Box1CANADA(tol-oko)
    13Apr2003 9:08 PM (20 years 172 days ago)
    After GLOOP JIVING,what a great intro to someone
    you've never met. It's been said you never have a second chance to make a first impression.....