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The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Kids In The Mall/Kaliningrad


Kids In The Mall/Kaliningrad
The bars are always humming in the afternoon in this town.
Nobody knows who they work for anymore.
See the bears from the air paw the fat boy under the table,
Spilling his drink and throwing all of his cards on the floor.
And he's a winner.

A submarine is rusting elegantly in the harbor.
It's yours in a moment if you want to drive away in style.
Wouldn't you like to have your own stealth bomber?
Wouldn't you like to go away for awhile?

Tanks on the street - no getting out of here.
No breakfast for anybody.
Someone could have leaked to the authorities so what?
No one can see you.

People all over the world got things from this town.
Dave got a belt and I got a piece of a wall.
Gonna drive a flatbed truck down south to Georgia.
Gonna load it up with goodies for the kids in mall.

Couldn't you use lots of hardware?
It's all here, it's going nowhere.
Where did Gomez make his millions?

Gomez Adams

From the kids in the mall.

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Waiting For The Love Bus
There's a clean, simple sound to a lot of this that Condition Blue detractors might appreciate. I'm ten years older now than when I made Bath, and right now, after all that morbid stuff, it only really feels like about three. There's rockin' shit and there's a big ballad or two and some weird little pop songs and a nice family sing-along about penguins. I hope you like it.
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The Butcher Says..
A song about arms dealing
The JBC spent New Year's Eve 1992 in Kaliningrad, a rocking city of the old U.S.S.R., largely populated by recent unemployed Red Army personnel, for whom we wrote this tune. The Mall is, of course, somewhere else altogether.
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