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Mister Siberia
It's the JBC back in effect
Computa-producer, Max Eider-selector
Using our intellect to project our extreme disrespect
In a dissident dialect.
Destiny? you'd better save your breath.
If God is dead it 'coz he laughed himself to death.
Dignity? I think you're mind's confused.
You're a human resource there to be used.
And whose fault is this? Can it be big business?
No shit, Sherlock. Call security.
It's time to put the blame on narcotics and sexual diversity,
What's the game? And I'm sick of the exclusion.
I'm sick of the stench of your clueless collusion
Sick of the fear that you find so sweet
As Mr. Siberia moves into my street.
You've been bugged.
You've had your life support unplugged.
Look around and you can see how they pulled out the rug
From underneath ya
And now you gotta run like nothing is beneath ya.
Go on, go on.
Push the button with the picture of the burglar on
Go on, go on.
Because you don't know the difference (be)tween right and wrong.
Pat Fish

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