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Next Move Sideways

I saw him through a room-spin I was tired enough to faint
Carrying a chessboard like some old Romanian saint.
I said: hey good looking, whatcha got cooking?
He said: nothing you want to try
Just a bunch rinkey-dinks who like expensive foreign drinks
And you've got other fish to fry.

Look over there: the men dividing up the countryside.
They got authority, they got a college degree.
They got machinery, they got a pretty big job to do.
They got instructions and they don't want to bother 'bout me.
No I'm standing here in the middle of the country
Trying to figure out about the next move sideways.

I read the papers I know they want to make a new road.
To keep the trucks and the inter-city travellers out.
Protect the little towns and Victorian buildings.
That's where the money is and they don't want to spread it about.

I hear the sounds of the work going on the highway.
I smell the diesel in the air; it lets me know I'm alive.
There goes the busstop, guess everybody's got a motorcar.
There goes the mailman, your letters never arrive.
What do you do when "potential" is your favourite word,
And then the bus leaves you at the next move sideways?

I have a new home, I'm getting pushed a thousand different ways.
You said you never bruise, but you could disappear.
I have the same old dreams: I to walk them round the streets at night.
I think you'd be surprised how many times you appear.

Smoking on the bridge like a tourist by the Houses Of Parliament.
I'm feeling done-for, I'm feeling sick in my heart.
They took the floor away and they divided up the countryside.
And we watch telly while they're pulling everything apart.
They got a blueprint up there in the government,
They calling going forward, it's the next move sideways.
Next move sideways.

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Having ended up on Creation Records, which I took as a bit of a validation, I was keen to get as far away from all those "w" words that had followed my group around. The sessions were chaotic and funny. What disappoints me is that it came out sounding so SMOOTH and tidy. But I like Fishcotheque; I wish there more records as good as it.
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