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You're so tired you could weep
And sleep looks like dying,
But you're dying to sleep
Just to keep you from crying.
And you stop and you pray
For the strength to keep trying
Though you feel like one Fish's been too long fryin
And then you get up and go through it all again
Oh you're almost immune to the unending pain.
And you go
On and on (x3)
Sleepwalking. That's what you do.
And you go
On and on (x3)
There's a place you could be happy,
There's a place you could be
But you've been lying so long
That you can no longer see.
Another day goes by
Nothing gets done
And you'll be needing the cavalry
But the cavalry don't come.
Just when you think that you
You've made up your mind
To get out of this place, you feel so damn unkind
You know Dave told me once, Flann O'Brian
was a desperately unhappy man.
And now I'm telling you twice, Flann O'Brian
Was a desperately unhappy man.
Yes, you know the evil that men do
When they don't stay in their rooms
Has got nothing on the evil
I could do right here with you. (x2)
Yeah, right here with you. Credit: ;;

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