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The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Still In The Kitchen


Still In The Kitchen
You can try, It's right that you do
In your own way, I'm sure you know that's true
It's not easy, cliché upon cliché!
But so attractive, when everyday is a Sunday
And I truly believed it couldn't happen to me
Yes I truly believed it couldn't happen to me
But where the sheep once played there's only wheat now
Staring stupidly at my feet now
And everything I ever wanted is still in the kitchen
Be lonely, you're already alone anyway
Enjoy it, why shouldn't you enjoy the things you do?
Celebrate it, up in your room the world's so far away
No one will ever know
Be lonely, no one loves you quite the way you do
And you're so sure it's true it couldn't happen to you
You're so damned sure it couldn't happen to you
Just like the ballad of Lucy Jordan
You take all the risks you think you can afford and
And everything you ever wanted is still in the kitchen
You get down to the bottom with those frosty autumn mornings,
Metropolitian bars,
You'll be staring like a scientist into your glass
And everything you ever wanted will be still in the kitchen
You say it's fatalistic but I don't know
I believe that when there's magic it will surely show
And everything I ever wanted is still in the kitchen
Max Eider : Everything I ever wanted is still in the kitchen
Yes, everything we ever wanted is still in the kitchen

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Distressed Gentlefolk
We were deeply confused young men when we made this record. Max, Jones and I had all been drinking dangerously for over a year now. Generally, we had it down in concert. In just about every other department, however, we were coming to bits, individually and collectively, and to me this record actually shows the morbid state of things at the time.
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  • Still In My Dreams
    robtamf[at] - Robert F, Wappingers Falls
    1Jun2023 12:06 AM (181 days 18 hours ago)
    A few days ago I had a dream I was at a show watching Pat and Max play this song. I don't know why that popped into my slumber, but I sure wish it was true. Then I felt compelled to mention it here. Dream on Pat, you are missed.
  • phaedrakelly[at]
    phaedrakelly[at] - Carrboro
    26Apr2019 5:42 PM (4 years 218 days ago)
    Wow. Gotta go listen to that Lucy Jordan song pronto. I love it that your songs are still unraveling their meanings for me. Thanks for that. This is one of my favorite JBC songs.

  • Long time coming
    tempusfugit[at] - Russel CLT NC
    4Jul2010 8:02 PM (13 years 150 days ago)
    About this song: i'd always thought the specficness of the line "Ballad of Lucy Jordan" was interesting but fictional. Today, I pick up the new Shel Silverstien tribue album - and i'm blown away. What a great reference!

    Pat, you should annotate some of these, if for nothing else than to hook folks up with some neat stuff.

    Thanks for the music that still means a lot what, 18 years later?
  • this is
    the.walking[at] - Aly//North Carolina
    17Oct2009 10:27 PM (14 years 45 days ago)
  • It's on Distressed Gentlefolk
    msewell[at] - Matt, Oxford
    19Jun2009 5:07 AM (14 years 166 days ago)
    ... which I'm sure one can find second-hand somewhere, though why not download brand new off amazon?
  • i can't find this song!
    divachanteuse[at] - Lisa in Manhattan
    18Jun2009 8:26 AM (14 years 167 days ago)
    i agree this is a great song. but i cannot find it anywhere. how can i find it on cassette or CD? help? it's such a great song. it's how i discovered Jazz Butcher to begin with back in 1986

    god that was a great year!
    long live great music like this!
  • wow
    sarkanbalt[at] - Paul, Denver Colorado
    30May2008 9:38 AM (15 years 186 days ago)
    Jesus H Christ I forgot how brilliant this song is.