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Sumosonic Lyrics Fern Schnell Gut


Fern Schnell Gut
This is our thing - driving at night,
Watching the movie, feeling all right.
Piss alligator eyes at a quarter to three,
Just me and The Government's Misery:
The Government's Misery is a close fiend of the band
He is a plastic human skull on a stick.
Bringing the goods from a far away land.
Don't disrespect what you don't understand.

Fern, schnell, gut

German: Far, Fast, Well:
The slogan of the German Trucker's Union.

This is our thing - driving at night.
Here come the Geisterfahrer, why don't you turn off the lights?

Geisterfahrer - German "ghost riders".
Loonies on motorcycles who drive the wrong way up the freeway with no lights.
Pull in for Diesel and a palette of beers,
Nobody sees us, nobody hears.
We come and we go and we know what we know.
Doing God's work in the rain and the snow.

Fern, schnell, gut

Fern, schnell, gut Jungs, das ist der Weg.

Far, fast, well boys that is The Way.
Fern, schnell, gut - Jaegermeister direkt.
Far, fast, well - Jaegermeister direct.
geradeaus, weder links noch rechts:
Straight ahead - neither left nor right
autobahn Aquatic make the special effects.
There's an old world out there waiting for me:
Drive through the night with Lee Scratch Perry.
The elephant from Outer Space.
Border control pass into history.
Fern, schnell, gut - let the people be free.
© Pat Fish 1995

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