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Sumosonic Lyrics Monks Of Kung Fu


Monks Of Kung Fu
Monks of King Fu - They could do it for you.
Monks of Kung Fu - What are you going to do?

Monks of Kung Fu - They could happen to you.
Monks of Kung Fu - They're going to split you in two.
Monks of Kung Fu - MURDER!
Monks of Kung Fu
Monks of Kung Fu
Monks of Kung Fu.

© Pat Fish 1996

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This Is Sumo
This inaugural disk is decidedly un-Butcheresque, with a keyboard-heavy attack of quasi-techno rhythms. Pat was known to dabble in reverb and noise, but the results were moody, melancholy textures, quite unlike the flash of This is Sumo.
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Come, Friendly Spacemen
The single features: Come, Friendly Spacemen, Monks Of Kung Fu, and Come, Friendly Spacemen (version)
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Come, Friendly Spacemen (Club)
There is a limited-edition vinyl 12" single in the clubs, featuring the long version of Come, Friendly Spacemen alongside re-mixed by Tom Withers of drum n bass combo Override and Johnny Octopus of Octopus Records. The "Sushi" mix is a full on, dark-hearted progressive house tune with an evil bass; the "Jackson Hole" Mix is an insane collision between stadium pop and drum & bass which has to be heard to be believed. The 12" will also feature Monks Of Kung Fu. Any DJ is urged to get in touch with Creation to get a copy.
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11 documented performances (click to explore)
1996 1 (Sumosonic)
1997 2 (Sumosonic)
1998 8 (Sumosonic)


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