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The satellites that circle us are witness to God's grace:
He could pluck them from their orbits, cast them into Outer Space,
But he lets them keep revolving as the Earth moves round the Sun,
The only truly brilliant thing we've ever done.

Photographs of his creation - all the seas and land,
Beamed to us from our space station help us understand.
And the ladies in Los Angeles and the gentlemen in Perth
See them up there, circling the Earth.

From Siberia to the Sun
More than 90 million miles.
Take the People's Train to the Academy of Science.
Use the People's instruments, do the People's work:
Put it up there, circling the Earth.

We all know the space heroes like Yuri Gargarin,
But unknown thousands gave their lives to bring us this machine.
Now everybody can see what their sacrifice was worth,
Coz it's up there, and it's circling the Earth.

The satellites that circle us shine brightly as Big Stars,
They can see the Memphis soul men driving in their Big Black Cars,
And if you call them on the phone you might just hear the sound
Of the satellites as they go round and round.

Hear your voice repeating when you're talking on the phone,
Know that they are up there, know that we are not alone.
And one day we'll all know what this life of ours is worth
Coz they're up there, circling the Earth.

Circling the Earth (x3)
For ever
For ever
Circling the Earth
Encircling the Earth
For ever. Credit: © Pat Fish 1996

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