The Jazz Butcher
Sumosonic Lyrics Stupid


Two men with handguns in a stolen Granada;
Big Ford saloon car. Often stolen
Two more men with handguns in the public's heart.
Two men with handguns are two men with handguns,
What can you see that helps you tell them apart?

What ignorance is this?
How can you possibly be so blind?
Why don't you try to find your way back to your mind?

Sick and Hungry children in the Third World Nation;
Sick and hungry children in the car outside.
Sick and hungry children on a screen in Wembley Stadium:
While you wondered who would drive her home a hundred more died.

What blasphemy is this?
How could you possibly be so cruel?
The only explanation: You're a total fool.

Bright white: in his living room strip-light!
This is the kind of guy who gets his clothes from Mister Byrite.

Crap clothes shop chain
He fights the good fight - and you know he would fight:
Remember the time that he got to hold an Armalite?
British-made assault rifle, much abused in N. Ireland
All bark, no bite, one-man lurch to the right:
See the spite that he heaps on society.
Gobshite, spite-ridden urban blight:
They'll fetch you in the night and it will serve you right.

What ignorance is bliss?
How can you possibly say that?
How can you show your stupid face round here?

Hey stupid - you're too stupid to smoke.
Hey stupid - is this all a horrible joke?
Hey stupid - scratch! Pay your stupid tax;
It could be you on the end of the axe.
Hey stupid - it's all a little Mickey Mouse.

as in: it's all a bit bloody small-time
Na, Dummkopf - bitte bilden Sie sich aus.
German - Please get yourself an education
Hey stupid - what do I have to say?
For the sake of your health have a word with yourself.
Hey, stupid!
© Pat Fish 1996

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