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The Ballad Of Tiny And Clyde
The Devil lives on mercury,
And Hell is in the sun
And you're going to do some time now
For the evil things you've done
But there's fine things to be seen yet
Before the judgment comes
And chief among these wonders
Is the snakeatorium. (The home of)
Clyde and Tiny, Tiny and Clyde
Tiny Won't be happy
'til the day Clyde's died. (x2)
All the other snakes and gators have all but moved away
But Tiny's having none of this, no Tiny wants to stay.
Stay before an audience of happy, smiling children.
Clyde explains the natural world while tiny tries to kill him.

Gotta get along, gotta save my soul.
Gotta get down to the alligator hole. (x4)
Are you on the keeper or the gator's side?
Aw put 'em up against and let the public decide. Credit: ;;

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