The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Vienna Song


Vienna Song
I'm staying here, right where I am
Don't care if I don't get to Amsterdam
I finally made it, got down here at last
Cut out my future, and poisoned my past
And there's nowhere left to go
In a life of no returns
And every passing show
Is another bridge that I can't avoid burning
I could go back to Bregenz
a town in the Vorarlberg, Austria

And Brandt would be waiting
With a shot of penicillin and a gun
Yeah it's just like those songs that I never believed
About living your life on the run
And, somebody told me on a Sunday night
That the English boys never get things right

So I'm giving up, I'm sitting down
In this home of the waltz, in this European town
I no longer care if what you told me was true
But we all make decisions we must all follow through
And in this dark there's just one northern light
And I'm fooling myself 'cause it's just not right
And oh...

Oh, darling, Stockholm feels such a long long way away... (x4)

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  • Nazi reference
    alexadp[at] - Erie, PA
    1May2005 11:33 PM (16 years 16 days ago)
    Would that be the evil Nazi doctor Karl Brandt?
  • penicillin and a gun
    mdiwan[at] - Dwight - Canada
    4Mar2005 7:32 PM (16 years 74 days ago)
    I had the pleasure to interview Pat in Winnipeg Canada during the late eighties. We had a great conversation, shared some laughs and had some fun. He asked me if he could play anything for me and I said yeah, Vienna song would be nice. He said it was going to be a bit more of an up tempo show, but you never know. My buddies and I were yelling at the end of the show for the tune. Second encore Pat came out solo and did the song... If I was a woman or at the very least queer I would have fu*$ed him right there on the spot. But I'm not, shit if I was a woman I'd never leave the house...But that's another story. Thanks for the great memory Pat and a for a body of work that continues to impress and sits proudly on my top ten at all times.