The Jazz Butcher



Came in from the North
23 below
Never mind the weather
Never mind the snow
We've a long long way to go.
Kizzy, he went crazy
Took a cab across town
Walked up to O'Higgins
Then he knocked him down
East of the river Nile
West of the Rockies
In a swimming pool with Chuck and Flav
"I've been to London, man.. on two world tours".
We've been playing your records since we left New York
From Queens to Compton
East Coast! West Coast!
Yours is the sound we dig the most
Well, you and N.W.A.
But you'd never ever know it to see us
Floating [pastey/foreign] and uncomfortable above this piss-poor
Midwest rock display
Little bit of Wildlife
Hey, hey

Sing a song of Jen Jen
She's got a human bone.
And Nancy, she's driving far from home.
[On a one-way/Conway] highway
On a way to save your soul
Listen Charlie, April, John, and Cole
Harry was a panther
Randy was a snake
But back in Silver Lake
It still felt a lot like home
Every little while
I'll find I'm lying there awake remembering
[Good] people I have known
They're all so far away
[Oh, what would Deirdre/What would the sainted O'Donoghue] say?
And how much do we [ever] really give away?
[For a little wildlife]

Coronado, Echo Park
T.V. in the daytime, mayhem after dark
Alvarado, McArthur Park
Zombie shopping trolly people in the dark.
Watts is burning
Compton's burning
Koreatown's burning and Brentwood's burning.
Greg Shaw, O'Donaghue
They can't be here
Today with you.
Alex Chilton, Nikki Sudden, too
They can't be here
Today with you.

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