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Excellent! Beyond belief!
The sky above, the Earth beneath.
The bird that sees the fish that swims
And all the little creeping things
That may be there below the ground-
You never hear them make a sound.
The ones that could be in the air:
You can't be sure they're even there.


World War Three across the Atlantic.
Guns and bombs to sare the Icelandic.
Submarine appear in a wolfpack.
No way for the convoy to turn back.
Flotation, echo location, depth charge, action stations.
Flotation, undersea nation, out of the water comes deep devastation.
Loch Ness Monster strikes from the depths of the sea.
I come to destroy. Ian Botterill \: © Pat Fish , xd=

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2001 3 (Wilson)
2002 5 (Wilson)
2003 7 (Wilson)
2004 4 (Wilson)
2005 9 (Wilson)


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