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Yellow Pages
Yellow pages. This moves in stages,
Developing the works of the ancient sages.
Clone me, coz my work is lonely.
Keep it underground, keep away from Sony.
Deeper undercover on a mission like a sleeper.
Yeah, that's a railway sleeper.
That's a fact, Jack, you can put it on the track
Coz the moral of the story is the Beast is back
From the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt.
You can see it so you gotta believe it.
Digging ever deeper in your mind, read the signs.
Yeah, that's it
right there
right there!
We're not lost
It's a world of vibration.
Wilson in your area - Black Alsatian!
Dark Agenda, do you need an explanation?
Catch the train of thought before it pulls out of the station.

Where do you want to go today?
Bad cells
It's a scientist's dream,
Moving in the bloodstream, clog you like ice cream - fact!
This thing is not an act.
We do the science and the software's cracked exact.
Another word from the ancient sages:
You don't keep a tiger in a ten foot cage. It's wrong.
Muthafucka run along.
Wilson in the area - load up the Big Bong.
Where do you want to go today? Ian Botterill ;;;;© July 2002: Pat Fish , xd=

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