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The Jazz Butcher Press The Bell Ringer, Montgomery Bell Academy - September 02, 1986
Published: The Bell Ringer, Montgomery Bell Academy (Nashville, Tennessee, USA) September 02, 1986 Credit: Rob Baker Source:
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The Jazz Butcher Bloody Nonsense

Nonsense The Jazz Butcher is truly unique group.

They claim to be punk, because they do what they want to. Some songs from Bloody Nonsense seem to support this claim. “Caroline Wheeler’s Birthday Present” is combine grinding guitars with equally harsh vocals. The lyrics are strange: “Caroline Wheeler’s Birthday Present” “was made entirely from the skins of dead Jim Morrisons . . .” “Drink” is a Beatles-sounding tune which extols the enjoyment of imbibing. Vocalist Max Eider proclaims to all: “I hope 1 never get dry before I get old.” “Partytime” and “The Devil is my Friend” are two other ‘party songs’ on the album. President Reagan’s Birthday Present” and “Jazz Butcher-V-Prime Minister” demonstrate that The Jazz Butcher do something besides getting drunk. Other songs like “The Human Jungle” and “Big Saturday” show the band has vocal maturity. These songs sound like The Smiths meet The Dream Academy. Finally, the album portrays the group’s songwriting lunacy. “Death Dentist” and “Grooving in the Bus Lane” are two strange ones. This album may sound really awful. Actually. this album is great for anyone with a sense of humour who appreciates ‘unique’ music.

Bloody Nonsense
The Jazz Butcher and his group are not in the business of belonging; they are too old and too obstreperous to conform to some attention-seeking image or commercially viable formula. Rather, they bring their not inconsiderable talents to bear on whatever happens to be in the way at the time. The results can only be described as essential.
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