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The Jazz Butcher Press BBCi - September 16, 2003
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Tuesday, 16th September, 2003


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With shades of the Happy Mondays, Spacemen 3, The Specials and Primal Scream, Sounds From The Towns introduces dub rock band Wilson.

When six of Northampton's top musicians gather to form a 'super' group, what do you get? Why Wilson, a dub rock outfit of course!

With comparisons ranging from the rocky side of Primal Scream, the bounce and beats of the Happy Mondays and elements of Alabama 3 and Stereo MCs, Wilson's sound is rich in depth and diversity.

For a project that originally started out as a solo 'thing' a few years back, the band has certainly developed into a great musical outfit.

Formed and led by Wilson Headstone, the renowned and successful musician, Pat Fish - of The Jazz Butcher fame - the band grew to encompass solo musicians and band members from across the town.

Members of Sumosonic and Tarantino funksters P-Hex amongst others were to join along the way and flesh out what was originally a three-piece band playing to backing tapes.

With all members having experienced gigging, writing and recording, the veteran musicians had no problems in producing captivating live shows and getting their sound produced on CD.

Gigs so far have included venues in Leeds and Cambridge alongside their most likely local haunt at The Racehorse in Northampton's Abington Square.

And it's not only the live shows which the band prove to have a control over.

Recent workings in the studio saw Juilain Cope guitarist and producer, Donald Ross-Skinner at the controls for the production of tracks by the band at London's Notepad studio.

Wilson have built up quite a collection of material and recorded a selection. They are influenced by a variety of artists, ranging from Cypress Hill, New Order, Lee Perry and The Clash but are unsure whether this comes across in their sound.

Wilson Headstone - Guitar scientist.
Agent Wilson - Percussionist extra-ordinaire.
Misery Wilson - Bass vibrations.
G-Man - Electric guitarist
E-Man - Sinister electronic shouting man.
B-Man - Bullhorn Champagne VST.

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