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Album Review: Sex And Travel

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Mini LP, Glass records MGLAP001 , May 1985

Why did you choose this mini LP to talk about Pat Fish and his first Jazz Butcher Conspiracy rather than Bath of Bacon (1983), Scandal in Bohemia (1984) or Distressed Gentlefolk (1986)? Perhaps because Sex And Travel embodies a kind of quintessence of the art of Butch, inimitable in its way of weaving elegant and delicate pearls on a wire stretched between the American urban rock (Velvet Underground - Jonathan Richman) and psychedelia To the Englishman of Kevin Ayers. He remained faithful to this line of conduct over a career that saw him record more than ten albums, first on Glass and then at Creation. His latest album, Rotten Soul (Vinyl Japan, 2000), on which he finally found his old accomplice Max Eider (author of the last title of Sex & Travel ), does not lose in this collection of albums of great hold.

It was not uncommon in the 1980s to find the discs of the Jazz Butcher in the "gothic" or "cold wave"; This was most certainly due to the presence of David J, former bass player of Bauhaus, within the group at this time because nothing else, Can not explain this affiliation. This guitar-like music is indeed very clear and light: we enjoy the tribulations of "regular english-speaking gentleman on holiday" rhythmized by a typewriter ("Holyday") or considerations Of Pat on the Cold War ("President Reagan's Birthday Party"), we wiggle on "Red Pets", we contribute to the slavist choruses of "Walk With The Devil" where we imagine emptying a pint by listening to "Down The Drain ". However, A dull melancholy, which sometimes reminds one of Brian Wilson's, avoids the whole sinking into the mire or silliness. There are of course a few less playful songs ("Big Saturday" or "Only A Rumor", about emotional errors - Pat says he wrote "for the first time on his life as it was then") But it is behind the apparent gaiety of the whole that we must hear what is darkest and most profound. It will always be with Pat Fish: if the dominant image that emerges from his group is that of a band of joyful drills quick to ignite your living room or the local club (photos on the back of the album) It is also a discreet but eternal romantic (photos on the front: the same pose but the expressions are a bit more serious).

The eight titles of Sex & Travel were recorded (in five days!) In Leamington in February 1985 and produced by John A. Rivers, as had been Scandal in Bohemia and as Distressed Gentlefolk . The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy was above all a story of elective affinities and if the band's line-up has moved a bit over the albums, the spirit has remained unchanged. And oh miracle, many people who once had access to this music have become members of this conspiracy. Few have departed ...

Sex And Travel
Having exhausted the initial stick of JB songs, I was obliged for the first time to write about my life as it was at the time. I think that now we had started to learn about actually creating recordings rather than just recording the sound of a bunch of pals fooling around. This one I'd actually defend at length if I had to.
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