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October 14, 2011
Gig details: 1997-09-19
Musoscribe Bootleg Bin Bootleg Bin: Jazz Butcher – Bob & Anne’s Wedding Reception (USA)
October 14, 2011
Credit: Bill Kopp

Bootleg Bin: Jazz Butcher – Bob & Anne’s Wedding Reception

Simply unbelievable.

Pat Fish (aka the Jazz Butcher) and his partner in musical crime Max Eider were somehow convinced to play a September 19, 1997 wedding reception.

They did so with aplomb (any dues-paying musician can testify that wedding reception crowds aren’t the most, um, “receptive”) and put on a superb show full of wit, humor and wonderful playing. And someone (of course) made a fine recording of the show.

This is a full band (complete with bass and drums), and kazoos fill in for trombones and such as needed. If you’re at all a fan of the Jazz Butcher, this recording is Not To Be Missed.

If you’re not among the converted, become so and check back. Enough said. By the way, they’re not jazz, and they don’t butcher the music. They’re clever English poppers, sort of a Robyn Hitchcock with a sense of humor instead of just plain weirdness.

Difficulty to Locate: 9 out of 10 General Listenability: 7 out of 10

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