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February 03, 2016
Interview w/Conspirator: Pat Fish
Album Review: Last of the Gentleman Adventurers
Distorsioni The Return of the Jazz Butcher (Italy)
February 03, 2016
Credit: Giancarlo Susanna

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Last of the Gentleman Adventurers
Crowd-funded in under 12 hours, recorded on 2" tape, lush and warm..
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A heavy crisis hit in recent years the music industry, but there are comforting signs of recovery as the increase in vinyl sales or crowdfunding, which allows groups without a contract to collect money to cover the expenses of production. Released originally with this system October 18, 2012 in just 1,000 copies, "Last Of The Gentleman Adventurers" of the Jazz Butcher is now proposed (vinyl and digital versions, February 19, 2016) from the historic British indie label Fire Records, marking the return after a decade of one of those bands that in the early '80s animated the post-punk British. Lovers of the Velvet Underground and Jonathan Richman and led by a brilliant author like Pat Fish, The Jazz Butcher (the "Jazz Butcher") were perhaps a bit 'too "bohemian" to achieve massive success. Centered on Shakey, a tribute song Neil Young and Brian Wilson, the CD sees for the last time at work the guitar duo of Pat Fish and Max Eider, and is, needless to say, a small masterpiece. also a new album, tentatively titled "the Highest in the Land ", it is announced by the band on their official website for the autumn of 2016. the Fire Records finally is about to let out even a burst of beautiful reprints of Jazz Butcher, returning to the English band visibility which amply deserved. ( Giancarlo Susanna)
Giancarlo Susanna (Distortion) - So Pat ... good music is always room in the lives of many people and the crisis seems at least partly retracted.
Pat Fish (The Jazz Butcher) - When Max Eider and I started the project we had no idea if anyone would help, but - very quickly - people have proven to be interested in music so far as to put their hands in their pockets and pay for it. Some have been incredibly generous in their support. PledgeMusic also gave us a great help. They have a good model for doing business in an era "post-label" and I would recommend them to all artists.
What do you think of the reaction of those who bought the CD when you are done?
We have not sought in any way to "promote" the album. We printed 500 copies to start with. People have bought so quickly that we could not take a few copies for the media. So we have no idea what they think the opinion-formers of our work (apart from you, of course!). From what I've seen on Facebook etc ... our supporters are not disappointed. It was a very encouraging response from our point of view ... and we printed another 500 copies ...

Britain has always been a reference point for those who make music, but that does not mean that it is very difficult to maintain significant visibility.

Britain today is a country where people know the price of everything and the value of nothing. In recent times for the musicians it was tough, but I simply do not know what else to do with my time so why stop?

Do you think an article on Jazz Butcher in one of the most influential music magazines could help?
You can not say it. I have not even idea of what the influential publications. I must say that even twenty or thirty years ago the positive reviews in magazines are not always guaranteed good sales. If they had, I could dictate these answers to a secretary drinking cocktails by a pool.
Surely you know that two of your albums - "A Scandal in Bohemia" and "Fishcotheque" - are sold on the net to considerable sums. What do you think now of these two discs?
I can still hear them and sometimes it will take up a few songs in the concerts. Scandal ... it was the first real album that we made as a group and it was a great learning experience. Rivers have John as a producer and the experience of David J study was priceless. Fishcotheque reminds me of some great memories of crazy days in a very interesting area of London. Buster Edwards, "the great fishco train robber ", one day he offered me a brandy. It was that kind of session. I did not check the prices of our recently discs. In 2000, the Vinyl Japan has republished some, including Scandal. Before that, I know that prices on E-bay or similar sites were completely crazy. Some copies of our albums have been sold to more than one hundred dollars.
The thing I love most in your songs is the fusion of sweetness and sense of humor, which is very present in this album.
For a while 'my songs have been published by a company called Bittersweet Music, it was a beautiful name. I'm glad you still like what we do. When we started to collect the funds for the new record, we were not sure to find someone who is interested. A little anecdote: one evening we were playing in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A public type was chatting with our sound technician, Martin. He said: "I am in the military and a lot of people in my unit say that I should not like Jazz Butcher". "Absolutely right friend" replied Martin, "You fuckin 'LOVE THEM".

Perhaps Shakey is the song that explains everything: the years pass, but we are always here and "we are always dangerous."

The title is of course Neil Young, a man who seems to become every passing year more brightly upset. I have no idea how I can do it! There are many things that take place in the verses of this song, but a part of what I wanted to say is that, with so many great founders of rock and soul dead in recent years, there is a bit 'of responsibility for those of us who are still here to come forward, "becoming serious" and make music that is worth listening to.

Whose idea was it reprints?
The Fire was determined to recover the disks of Creation and republish them. I told them that they had encountered by chance in a band that was working (the Quartet). I added that if they wanted to make reprints, had to entrust to us and publish Last of the Gentleman Adventurers on vinyl. I see this record as the bridge between our old things and the way we are today. They said they were in agreement and Last released in February on vinyl.
Will come out on vinyl and on CD?
I think the Fire wants to make two box sets, one with the Glass material and one with disks of Creation. Right now I'm afraid I can not say what they're doing. What we now see did not do is play live. There is talk of a European tour and this would make me really happy.
Meanwhile Max has decided to leave the group. What will you do?
It would not make much sense to try to "replace" Max Eider with another guitarist. This is not a "reunion" or a "return." It is not a bunch of old people who try to recreate their youth. It 'a band that happened to come together by chance. Already before Max had decided not to play more live we were rehearsing with Simon Taylor on trumpet. When Max decided to leave, Simon came ... not really what the public could expect.
You may once again explain to our readers what it means The Jazz Butcher?
I do not remember how many times we were forced to explain that "we do not do jazz and does not download We eat meat. " It's the stupidest name you can imagine, do not you think? I think we wanted to make fun of some of the ridiculous names that chose the groups of the early '80s. We had no idea that we would have made a record under this name, let alone to make, hack and play at the international level after thirty years. As I've said before, it's a funny old life.
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