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Blow Up (Italy)
Credit: Stefano I. Bianchi

CAUTIONE - This is a robotic translation of the original Italian publication

Last of the Gentleman Adventurers
Crowd-funded in under 12 hours, recorded on 2" tape, lush and warm..
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Originally released in 2012 and to date the latest album by Jazz Butcher: "Last Of The Gentlemen Adventures" confirms the bitter minority that Pat Fish in art Jazz Butcher has been casting for over thirty years to this part.

His formula was Jonathan Richman's and the European one: a bit of Velvet Underground, a little Postcard-sound and French chanson. Simple and easy songs, guitar sounds and rhythms of pleasure, all pleasing and fragrant motto like a freshly baked baguette on the banks of the Thames.

Now the materials are quieter and more reflexive when, thirty years ago, the man also gained a piece of English rankings and came to Italy to show small miracles.

The side-by-side stigma but the author and his band always lack the strength to make it effective with a more marked hook or some appropriate trick: Animals, All The Saints, Shakey. However, this man remains a bit of a heart.


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