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The Jazz Butcher Press Abus Dangereux #144
October, 2017
Album Review: The Wasted Years
Abus Dangereux #144 (France)
October, 2017
Credit: Bertrand Lamargelle

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The Wasted Years

Featuring ‘Bath Of Bacon’, ‘A Scandal In Bohemia’, ‘Sex And Travel’ and ‘Distressed Gentlefolk’.

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Fire Records 4xCD

Fire Records has the knack for exhuming the nan-nan of the 80's British pop. After TV Personalities, here is the tour of the Jazz Butcher. The first four recordings (In Bath Of Bacon, A Scandal In Bohemia, Sex And Travel, Distressed Gentlefolk) are here recorded. The time (1983-86) when the big brown with a black Telecaster signed at Glass Records (with young shoots named Pastels, Spacemen 3 or Teenage Fanclub - not bad is not it?). We find all the talent of Pat Fish, between Velvet souvenirs, delusions on-realistic free, humor typically English jazzy fantasies, cabaret kink-hers ... And especially a few fucking songs! The fifth LP, Fishcotheque, is also a wonderful album. But this is another story. And another disc. [BL]

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