The Jazz Butcher
The Jazz Butcher Press Les Inrockuptibles
September, 1991
Interview w/Conspirator: Pat Fish
Les Inrockuptibles (France)
September, 1991
Credit: Emmanuel Tellier

(Top half: B/W photo of the man in front of some garages. Advert for "Nelson Couch" - where the driver comes first 01 249 1916 in the background)

It has lasted for nearly ten years. Nearly tens years that "la mode", that ungrateful beast which infatuates itself more easilier with bawling opportunists that real talent, has turned it's nose up at the Jazz Butcher. Nearly ten years that Pat Fish has navigated between carefree bliss and chronic depression.

"You will laugh .. I've just been through the longest downer of my life, for sentimental reasons. For three months, I stayed in, lying on the floor, without moving. I couldn't do anything, I couldn't get up, I was at the bottom of a hole. My only companion was my cat and even he made faces at me ... (laugh). I haven't had many romantic experiences, but those that I have had are engraved on record. I only left the house to record Condition Blue, which is the story of my amourous misadventures."

We find further on in the pages of this self-examinatory album, the inestimable pop treasure - Girls Say Yes - and incredible bits of music, reflections from the discotheque of the hair-brained JBC.

"I have always loved collecting records - from Jonathan Richman to King Crimson .. (laugh) I have had three collections in my life, which I have sold when I have been hard up. My punk singles collection went, for 10 pence a piece. And recently, I saw the same records in a shop for 20 quid a piece. Before recording Fishcotheque, when I was really broke, I lived by selling test pressing of the Jazz Butcher. One test-pressing equalled one sandwich!"

Later, in a slightly less depressive part of the interview, Pat Fish described his fondest memories of life on the road ..

"After a concert in Germany, a fan came up to me. (Pat, tell me why you will never be successful, hein. You will remain unknown. Do you like that ... and you will end up dying of an overdose, won't you? ) Not knowing where he was on about, I replied `You like seeing your favorite stars die, don't you'. He looked at me and said in a vicious voice (Ya, ya, It really cracks me up....) Another time in Spain, this bloke came up to see me after a show and told me that I had saved his life, that he was a heroin addict but he kicked it thanks to my records. That day I felt that my music was at least useful to one person"

After the winter disco twister - the 12" We Love You from the JBC, the Jazz Butcher is back on the road this autumn - direction U.S.A.

"They love me over there, I am a real star. I've put together a new group, it's my fifth. I would like to be on my own, but the Yanks want to see me with a group. If you don't have a drummer, the americans boycott the concert.. Anyway, I don't want to piss them off - they are the ones that feed me. When I haven't got anymore money, I will top myself. I am well decided on the subject, I am too fond of the good life to be poor. When I have only got 1000 pounds left in the bank, I will have the most luxurious suicide ever. I will spend everything on a big party and then shoot myself. Ladies and gentlemen, the show is now over. Good night"
translation by: joe[at] (Joe Nicholson)
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