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1995 Credit: Vanessa Cotton at Creation
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Pat Fish starts writing songs in the Northamptonshire countryside. Signs deal with Glass records in June, records first L.P. during the summer.
Bath Of Bacon L.P. released in April. A few London dates with a band including Paul Hookham (Redskins), Rolo McGinty and Alice Thompson (The Woodentops) as well as Pat and guitarist Max Eider . First single Southern Mark Smith , released in the Autumn to fine reviews.

Second single Marnie released in the spring. David J. joins the JBC on bass, Owen Jones on drums, teaming up with Pat and Max for first stable JBC line-up, which releases a cover of Jonathan Richman's Roadrunner in the summer. JBC debut at The President's The Living Room club. 2nd L.P. A Scandal In Bohemia released in the Autumn to rave reviews.

JBC open the year with single Real Men and U.K. tour. First major European tour in March, followed by release of 3rd L.P. Sex And Travel . Fifth single, The Human Jungle issued in September. Major European tour in autumn, including sensational French debut at Transmusicales.

U.K. dates and full French tour. 5th single, Hard released in February. JBC appear on "The Tube". Headline Festival Of Young Communists in Naples, then set off immediately on first U.S./Canadian tour. Fourth L.P. Distressed Gentlefolk released in Autumn. Another major European Tour.

JBC sign to Creation Records, "home of the hits". Records Fishcotheque L.P. and assemble new line-up, featuring Pat, Alex Green , Kizzy O'Callaghan (guitar), Laurence O'Keefe (bass) and Mister Paul Mulreany (drummer).

JBC are the only band to get a good review from the NME for their show at Doing It For The Kids. Path at the T&C in August. Sixth single Spooky (EP) released.

Pat accidentally becomes T.V. presenter for Music Box's Transmission show. He does not enjoy it (apart from interviewing the Wolfhounds, that is - that was a laff). Sixth L.P. Big Planet\, Scarey Planet released in September. Goes to No. 1 on MTV "alternative" chart in America, even though there is NO VIDEO!

Band takes three weeks to record new L.P. then continues touring across Europe (including East European debut in Budapest) until May. Cult Of The Basement L.P. released in the summer to great reviews. Band records a dancefloor cover of the Stones' We Love You with Steve Proctor at the controls. The single is a club success, but it's not reflected in sales. So much for Ed Ball asking "What are you gonna wear on Top Of The Pops, Pat?" Christmas brings mass psychosis and second line-up disintegrates: Mulreany to The Blue Aeroplanes, Laurence O'Keefe to Levitation, Richard Formby to Spectrum.

Pat spends the spring in L.A. recording back-up vocals on the The Blue Aeroplanes L.P. Beat Songs. Returns to U.K. to record Condition Blue with, among others - Mulreany and Alex Lee , who has just left the Aeroplanes to form his own band.

Nine week U.S./Canadian tour to support Condition Blue - the JBC get a whole page feature in the L.A. times. Live L.P. Western Family assembled from primitive live recordings of the tour. Pat returns to Northampton and starts a club called It's Got To Be Belgium (Slurp's Wino Bar) for acoustic acts, which is still going. Pat does a number of recording collaborations with Sonic Boom , Joe Foster and David J. .

JBC record Waiting For The Love Bus , at Richard Formby 's studio in Leeds. Pat dissolves permanent line-up in favour of a loose collective, once again involving - among others - Mulreany and Formby. Pat appears acoustic supporting John Cale at The Forum

A four-piece electric JBC tours Europe in February and March to support Waiting For The Love Bus . On returning from Europe, Pat finally assembles new solid line-up which is the one that will record and tour Illuminate . A summer "acoustic tour" culminates with the entire band pretending to be acoustic at the Creation "Undrugged" show at the Royal Albert Hall. The JBC check into a local studio and record Illuminate during the autumn, emerging occasionally to play London and Northampton, where they re-establish their reputation after years of neglect. David J. re-emerges to produce the L.P.

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