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Date: Thu, 4 Oct 1990 12:53:47 PDT
From: 6500nag%ucsbuxa[at] (Naggi Asmar)
Subject: (no subject)

Greetings. I got the tapes last week and thought I'd take some
time before I commented on them.

tape 1: odd collection of b-sides, live songs and the Atlanta
* hotel session. All of this is excellent, every version
* of every song on this tape is classic. I remember
* (vaguely) that the JBC played 'Grey Flanelette' in 1988.
* the hotel tape had some pleasant surprises in Pat singing
* 'Pale Blue Eyes' and 'afterhours', 2 great Velvets songs.
* The version of 'Caroline Wheeler...' on that tape is
* amazing. Do you know when 'Xmas with the pygmies',
* 'Affection' and so on were recorded? Who the personnel
* on them are? 'The heaviest Group of all' is a true
* classic. Is that an original?

tape 2: Live at Swift's in Cambridge. This is an excellent live
* show. But I must say the band was a bit more reserved
* than when I saw them that year. Maybe by the time they
* got to the west coast they were looser (more tired) and
* tended to clown around more.

tape 3: Interview and music from KCRW session. An excellent show
* from an outstanding radio station (KCRW is the NPR station
* in Los Angeles. It is also a college radio station( Santa
* Monica City College). So it combines the best of radio.)
* Pat sounded very loose and happy, and the band seemed to
* have enjoyed this show very much. I must admit that
* Deirdra tends to grate on me, but she was prety nice to
* the JBC (except for the constant request for 'Girls who
* keep goldfish').

tape 4: Interview with Pat in Milwaukee. This is also very interesting
* and I might add illuminating. It seems that Pat is a very
* mellow and honest chap. As usual he's also very funny.

The interview you sent was also interesting. I was very happy with
all this stuff. Thanks. I have an interview with pat from the
magazine called Contrast from 1986. If you would like I can dig it
out and mail you a copy.


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