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  • gig
    les.guillaume[at] - Pierre Guillaume Brussey
    20Oct2017 12:04 AM (54 days 11 hours ago)
    Hello, is there a jazzbutcher gig for every day of the year...?
  • Good time had ATLANTA festival
    apples_1215[at] - BRENDA Atlanta Georgia
    28May2017 4:44 PM (198 days 18 hours ago)
    Sounds were great temperature is just right Wonderful night in downtown Atlanta
  • re:Washington DC
    liseroussel[at] - Lise Toronto
    11May2017 3:57 AM (216 days 7 hours ago)
    Hi Pat,

    Just wondering if you have written any songs about the fiascoes happening in Washington DC? I think you would be the perfect laureate to comment on these dark days. I read this morning that press secretary Sean Spicer was hiding in the bushes to try to avoid reporters. Alas, it has come to this!
  • Submitted for Pats' consideration
    Pursuedbyemail[at] - Pursued By Trees (Cornwall, UK)
    7Feb2017 6:19 AM (309 days 4 hours ago)
    What are the chances of visiting a Jazz Butcher memoir upon the literary world?

    Is this something that you might consider undertaking either as a solo project, or perhaps collectively/collaboratively with your fellow and former conspirators?

    I reckon that this would make for an entertaining and enlightening read, and possibly another great crowd-funded project.
  • Perpetual gratitude
    pressaccofowlow[at] - Old Andrew
    11Jan2017 10:11 PM (335 days 12 hours ago)
    Lads, just another ardent fan thanking you for all the years of sublimely beautiful and odd music. Kitchen dancing, playing bicycle kid for my wee ones, litmus test for potential friends. The joy I feel when I play anything truly gives me hope for these dreadful times. Thank you for everything