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  • FB Live Show???
    doc6502[at] - Doc
    12Jun2020 7:47 AM (61 days 16 hours ago)
    Live from Fishy Mansions, Sunday 14 June
    Europe 22:00
    London 21:00
    New York: 16:00
    CHICAGO: 15:00
    L.A. 13:00
  • video
    les.guillaume[at] - Pierre Guillaume
    3Jun2020 9:34 AM (70 days 15 hours ago)
    Thanks for your human jungle video. Like we say in french: ces chansons n'ont pas pris une ride...!
  • Re: Box Sets
    therecordstop[at] - Thomas USA
    22Sep2019 4:19 AM (325 days 20 hours ago)
    The Violent years and Wasted Years boxes were great. Are we going to see a 3rd covering the last 4 albums? We really should! Thanks
  • 22 of june's gig
    les.guillaume[at] - Pierre Guillaume Besançon
    30Jun2019 12:52 PM (1 year 44 days ago)
    Seems to be quiet a gig...!
    Too bad Northampton, UK is so far from Besançon, France...
  • Hello
    rene[at] - Rene Walczak Indy
    14Feb2019 6:19 PM (1 year 180 days ago)
    Will always find my way back JBC Rosemary Davis where E U? Cheers Pat!