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We have long trawled the underbelly of the Internet looking for JBC memorabilia: gig posters, ticket stubs, setlists, photos from concerts, bootlegs, gig reviews, etc. We know there must be more such material "out there", hidden away in attics, or already housed on hard drives.

Share with us what you have! You'll receive proper credit and your contribution will live on in infamy.

Are you an ex or part-time JBC member? We'd love to include your thoughts and anecdotes of your time in the Conspiracy!

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  • 23-Aug-2009 Brackley show
    dave.ungar[at] - Dave U
    26Feb2021 10:50 AM (9 days 20 hours ago)
    I recently found a recording I did from this show (

    It cuts off very early due to MD malfunction. But here it is. I have tried to clean it up a little:

    Here's the original, if you want it unedited:
  • Photos
    kjws[at] - Kevin - Canada
    28Nov2020 1:28 AM (100 days 5 hours ago)
    I have some photos from 1988 and 1989 in Vancouver, Canada.
    Do you have any memories of playing at the Town Pump, or Commodore Ballroom?
  • Re: ROYALTIES !!
    sambeckwith - Sam, Prague, Czech Republic
    27May2020 4:47 AM (285 days 3 hours ago)
    [at]-remove-cwillimer According to Shazam, that's "Cheree", a Suicide track from 1978. But it does sound a lot like SMS.
    cwillimer[at] - Chris NJ
    8May2020 9:10 PM (303 days 11 hours ago)
    Here in the US, the latest advert for Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs has a soundtrack which includes a section sounding uncannily like the jangly intro to "Southern Mark Smith". Anyone heard it ? Is it the genuine article ? If so, are the band getting royalties ? See for yourself -
  • Gig photos
    martinsreed[at] - Martin Reed, Oxford, UK
    10Jan2020 11:32 AM (1 year 57 days ago)
    Hi, I've unearthed a handful of my gig photos. I have a couple of the 11 March 1997 Sumosonic gig at the Powerhaus, London. No worse in quality terms than the ones on the gig page already, but no better either. There are also two of the 23 September 1999 Wetlands NYC show, and three slightly blurred ones from the 19 September 2005 12 Bar Club, London show. Happy to share, if they're welcome. Martin