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  • Your concert 1988 concert in Hamburg I met Pat and you left a message on my Distressed Gentlefolk 'copy ' Stil
    twenty-three-skidoo[at] - Steven Kaasgaard, TINY ONTARIO, Canada (91 Moreau Parkway Tiny, Ontario L9M 0H3 CANADA
    10Apr2021 6:24 AM (167 days 17 hours ago)
    I hitch hiked from Northern Germany farmsted 'commune' of my cousin and pals *Shonmoor/Trappenkamp area to this concert and actually met you guys.
    We talked about your Distressed Gentlefolk album over a beer 'n hashish spliff I provided and spoke of the songs like 'Nothing Special' and what my buddy Stephen Burtch back in Canada and I believed this song to be about. Civil Disobedience of course we thought! RE: "gonna be the man who sat down!" Beautiful stuff fellas! Buffalo Shame is one o my favourite songs because it depicts the western expansion of Canada west. One of my heroes is Gabriel Dumont and his buddy Louis Riel. who both tried to defend their stakes on that art of Canada and rebelled Sir John A MacDonald's sending of troops to allow the rail road to proceed West.
    Gabriel in particular has been credited with so many battle tactics and was labelled the 'last great plains general of the West" Heinz Guderian German WWII General actually used some of Gabriel's tactics in his game. At Duck Lake one if his best victories vs. 3,000 of Colonel Worsley's Red coated mounties. He (Gabriel Dumont was alone with a just a few old ladies and men of ages between 82 and 90. They quickly set up "dummies" and fired guns at the troops from various positions to make it look like there was actually more rebels present than there was. Col Worsley called his 3,000 troops to retreat on fear of a giant response from that brave CREW of rebels of just hand full of old folks Metis French Canadians and natives of the plains aged 80 - 90 years.

    Absolutely *MAGIC* ACCOMPLISHED BY old folks homes participants today dying from Covid-19 because for profit agencies "fucked them up"

    And the saying 'Age before beauty takes on such a bigger meaning considering what they accomplished!

    He and Louis fought off Fenian raids (Irish Nationalists) during the 1st Rebellion The 'RED RIVER Rebellion OF 1879. Done as they properly again protected their stake in the area and got absolutely no credit from PM MacDonald.

    *Funny side bar here how today them Social Justice warriors CLOWNS with pay from George Soros (Just imagine to get paid as a protester?) WOW! I protested all through the 80's n 90's GREEN PARTY co-founder me with buddies all over Canada Vs. Griffiths air force base Cruise missile base for b-52's Stephen Burtch GPO/GPC cofounder actually made it closest to to the WARM Jets Brian Eno REFERENCE staring down scares USA Army regulars with loaded M-16 guns. Wow Good stuff Stephen!
    Today the Social Justice warriors rea paid to do that guff!
    "Jack Dumphys' full of shit!" One flew over the Cuckoos Nest "Chief Chief!!" Jack Nicholson Murphy vs mental health system Nurse Racthet Ass head and great Opening day Baseball gig with a TV that is not on! beauty play Direct Action again) (excerpt) As they want to remove his statue which we used to prop up Bottles of booze in in a park located close to Our Queen's University in Kingston Ontario CANADA's 1st capital of then Upper Canada (Ontario) next to LOWER Canada Quebec today as they were called at the time. But back to Gabriel and Louis.

    Louis Riel actually made a stealth trip to Ottawa to sit as member for his Manitoba postage stamp Province (locale) without the gendarmes even discovering him to be there! GREAT stuff of legends! Thomas Scott you may recall was hanged for his ORANGEMEN games (can't recall actually stuff he did) but it was enough to get him hanged. That made the Orangemen in Ontario Upper go crazy with revenge. And eventually got Louis Hanged. French Canada and Metis populations + natives like 'Poundmaker' etc. could not forgive Mac And the North West Rebellion of 1885 -Saskatchewan and further west ensued) Louis and Gabriel fled Gabriel joining the Wild Bill Hickock travelling 'Wild West Show and Louis fled a way which he was captured on and whisked off to trial where he was found guilty and hanged. Buffalo Shame grinds all that n more out of me in one foul swooop!
    Woooo hoooo...and My Brother, Kenneth Kaasgaard & I sing the words to Mr. Odd to reminisce 'Winterpeg' - Winnipeg Manitoba's capital. Complete with 'golden boy' perched on top of capitol building dome.

    As yiu might imagine two brother's from 'wrong side the tracks' _ both actually We are both RATHER ODD to most of the surrounding versions of INCROWD full of themselves and staring at our silly ways!


    Steven Kaasgaard
    ONE LAST foray into important 'guf n' stuff" dept.
    If I may?

    I am an ORIGINAL Green Party of Canada / Green party of Ontario founder - and Official Party Secretary from 91- 92
    *&Removed by State assisted Coup D'├ętat in 92' with magic clock work on behalf of clowns Jim Harris GPC "leader" and Frank de Jong GPO 'leader' put in by Shenanigan handy-work of Ontario Elections and Finances Commissioner Gordon Kushner after I deregistered 3/4 quarters of the party's Ontario riding associations for violating the Ontario Green Party constitution. I told them not to mess with our decentralist BTC-esque no OUTSIDE banker like meddling possible 3 + times trying to put in FRANK De Jong as "leader" for TOP down traditional party Structure as N.H. DEEP Green Murray Bookchin quipped to Joshka Fischer GERMAN greens You just became "stinkt normal" stinkingly NORMAL political entity NOTHIN NEW at all. this coup was never covered by mass media even NOW as I report it whenever I get an ear like the readers of these posts ( I'm hoping do care)

    Love N Rockets

    Steven Kaasgaard

    I email YOU Pat from my new Green Party Platform - WildGreens-CANADA twenty-three-skidoo[at]

    Nickname(S)- Rebel, Captain Shit & Spliff
  • 23-Aug-2009 Brackley show
    dave.ungar[at] - Dave U
    26Feb2021 10:50 AM (210 days 11 hours ago)
    I recently found a recording I did from this show (

    It cuts off very early due to MD malfunction. But here it is. I have tried to clean it up a little:

    Here's the original, if you want it unedited:
  • Photos
    kjws[at] - Kevin - Canada
    28Nov2020 1:28 AM (300 days 20 hours ago)
    I have some photos from 1988 and 1989 in Vancouver, Canada.
    Do you have any memories of playing at the Town Pump, or Commodore Ballroom?
  • Re: ROYALTIES !!
    sambeckwith - Sam, Prague, Czech Republic
    27May2020 4:47 AM (1 year 120 days ago)
    [at]-remove-cwillimer According to Shazam, that's "Cheree", a Suicide track from 1978. But it does sound a lot like SMS.
    cwillimer[at] - Chris NJ
    8May2020 9:10 PM (1 year 139 days ago)
    Here in the US, the latest advert for Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs has a soundtrack which includes a section sounding uncannily like the jangly intro to "Southern Mark Smith". Anyone heard it ? Is it the genuine article ? If so, are the band getting royalties ? See for yourself -