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Date: Thu, 13 Dec 1990 17:50:22 EST
From: del
Subject: (no subject)

uc112_424960[at] says:

> I saw the discography recently and was impressed with its
> completeness. But there's one item I have that I don't recall
> seeing mentioned there. On David J's album _On Glass_ (which
> appears to be a compilation of previously released singles)
> there's a song titled "The Party's Over."
> In the credits it's listed as having "Noises by The Jazz Butcher"
> or something similar. I could go home and look up the exact
> information if anyone's interested . . .

indeed, that is pat playing the glockenspiel and singing a
very drunken duet. in the milwaukee interview tape, he tells
the tale of how david kept bringing him back into the studio
to re-record the vocals for that tune saying "no good, not
drunk enough". he played it once live this tour, in montreal.

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