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Date: Thu, 27 Dec 1990 12:55:00 EST
From: del
Subject: (no subject)

the robyn hitchcock syndrome:
pat has said that he really dislikes being catagorised along
with hitchcock. (paraphrasing) "sure, we both play acoustic
guitars and write tunes, which *is* a bit of an oddity in England,
but whereas he writes in code, i just report it as i see it; i am
rather less extraordinary"

the jbc audience here is the crowd who got into them in 1986
and saw them their 1st time over (course, i missed em). the mainstream
press has no attention but for the top-40 and then only because
it is product (yeah, right... like they care about the music).
except for isolated looneys in various big cities (montreal, boston,
chicago, LA) the people who even have headrd OF the jbc are
very rare. even amoung the hep-cats. seems that the latest
acid thang is their product. mind you, i give it all a go also,
but the youth of to-day, i swear, are very narrow in their tastes.

ugh. enough poseur bashing :-)


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