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Date: Sun, 12 May 91 22:31:05 -0500
From: del[at] (de l`abattoir)
Subject: whats the proverbial up?

hello everyone. been pretty quiet out there.
pretty quiet here too...

whats (kinda) new:

i picked up the 1990 creation video comp a couple of weekends ago.
it has the video for _spooky_ on it. geez. maybe the JBC could
have a higher profile if they actually *spent* something on their videos.
this one is pretty much a "stand in front of viedo camera and do our song"
type of vid, with a low-tech 16 hue separation overall. ick! the
my bloody valentine video is good though.

um.. creation has been putting out a slew of comps recently. the latest
is entitled _a palace in the sun_ which contains _shes on drugs_.
i still recommend the dance music compilation - it has some good and
obscure bands worth tracking down. richard formbys telescopes have
been prolific this last year - about 5 eps they have released.

on pat: word out is that he *is* recording new stuff with (at least) paul.
Nth-hand news says that a latest song(?) is entitled _thirteen_.
no new info of his "solo US tour" though..

mr fish shows up on (the latest?) release, _pluto_, from the german crazoid
band named m walking on the water, on a song called _love_. oh my god is
this a great tune. the credit claims "written with jazz butcher and nikki
sudden" - a collaboration of which i entirely approve. two nice drinking
woman-are-bad-news song writers :-) (thanks alex!) this tune is in your
face rock-n-roll, full of emotion: "i dont love her i dont care i dont love
her i dont care i dont love her i dont care...".


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