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Date: Tue, 14 May 91 08:09:43 EDT
From: uc112_424960[at] (Void where prohibited by law.)
Subject: Hairbrush? Tank?

Grrrrrr . . . stupid site administrator is right! I've been trying to post
this to the list for the past week or so and now it turns out I was sending
to the wrong address? Thanks, David, for setting me straight . . .

I was re-listening to Big Questions the other night when a thought struck me
(No, it didn't hurt. I'm used to it. One of the hazards of modern
living . . . ): the song, "The Hairbrush And The Tank." There's a song
on David J's album, Crocodile Tears And The Velvet Cosh, called "The
Vandal And The Saint" that's got the same identical music and rhyme
scheme. Now I know that David was with the Butcher for the first album
or so but still . . . what's the deal here? What's the story behind
these two songs? Which came first (I suspect David's came first but
I don't know the release date of the single that "Hairbrush" appeared
on)? Does anyone even care?

Just wondering . . .

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