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Date: Tue, 21 May 91 12:55 EDT
From: * <GU090SLB%ITHACA[at]-remove-VM.CC.PURDUE.EDU>
Subject: a new contingent

Hello. I just got new mail from David J - seems he's joined a new band called
(to the best of my handwriting deciphering abilities) Rose Meddow. The rose bit
is certain but it could be mildew for all I could tell. He didn't mention who
else is in the band, but said it was spiritual, uplifting kind of stuff. He adde
* d that Love and Rockets are still an existing thing and that they're thinking
about recording in the not too distant future. So get those antenni going and
lets see who else might be in this band. I think he would have said if it were
max. Maybe it will be Spacement 3 type folk. Y'never know with those damn

Has anyone else noticed an increase in bicycle kids in their neighborhoods
recently. They come out like the mosquitos I think.

Ta for now - - Sonia

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