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Date: Sat, 17 Aug 91 14:45:16 WST
From: davidc[at] (David CAKE)
Subject: hellos

I have been asked to introduce myself and say a bit about the Jazz Butcher in
Australia. My name is David Cake, I'm a cognitive science student, and I also
am an announcer for the local public radio station 6RTR. The Jazz Butcher in
Australia is easy - hes never been here, and no one has eever heard of him.
* The alternative music shows on public radio were the only place he was
ever heard until recently. Just recently the government funded national youth
broadcaster JJJ (who are amazingly cool for a government body, we are real
strange over here) have picked up 'shes on drugs` 'girl go` etc. so he gets
vastly more exposure here now, but all the older stuff is virtually unknown.
* Jazz Butcher records have always been quite hard to get here. That has
improved a bit since hes been on Creation, and a lot since Creation got a good
australian distributor (Shock Records).
* To summarise, JBC have always been very little known here until the
last six months. They are now reasonably well known.

David Cake

P.S. I'd love some back posts.

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