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Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1993 22:19:27 EST
From: David A Whittemore <del[at]>
Subject: Busload o love songs


with exactly 3 exceptions:
bakersfield, killed out, and president chang, which
(to me) are all the panic in room 109 thing.

unlike the last few "bring on the geetar player" albums,
the love bus seats 4, plus richard. the players obviously
are comfortable together, and the solos when they happen
are a refreshing addition.
production is sparce and clean - nice work richard.
the drums and bass for the most part, are just there.
lots of brushes instead of full-out pounded percussion,
and they seem to have stolen nick's toms.
this is an album to showcase the vocalist who is swimming
in just one little bowl too many of 'verb.

pat has been mentioning affection for the beach boy's
brian wilson, and the affection is *almost* there in mood,
although it is filtered. a couple tunes have 4 and 5 part
harmonies, but they are used darkly.

* rosemary davis world of sound
* suburban observation with changes i didnt expect.
* whaddya?
* probably the single. to-the-point love song.
* perfect organ parts.
* sweetwater
* up-tempo. an un-expected chorus. suspicous 2nd verse.
* ghosts
* another singles candidate. with a catchy my bloody
* valentine sample and good sing-along chorus.
* killed out
* the bicycle kid grows up - rocker.
* penguins
* or rather, pineapple penguins. same chord progression
* as pineapple tuesday, but with lyrics suited to much
* earlier albums. this one will be fun live.
* president chang
* clinton, really. but why?
* angel station
* perhaps the last "come back" tune?
* rosemary davis world of sound (reprise)
* spacemen 3 version of the opener.

at the first listen, i was unprepared for the apparent change in overall mood.
love bus is closer to fishcotheque than to condition blue in attitude,
even though keyboard fills are present.
the songwriting is there. lets see what Sony/US makes of it...

ed - navels arent naughty!


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