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Date: Thu, 2 Sep 93 11:11:47 PDT
From: 6500nag[at] (Naggi Asmar)
Subject: (no subject)

Hi everyone.

After listening to the new one for a month or so, I thought it was
about time I had some opinion, not that it's necessary.

Rosemary Davis World of Sound
* I really don't like this song but I can't say why.

* Fun song. It's starting to grow on me.

Kids in the Mall/Kaliningrad
* Great.

* Ditto. Reminds me a little of Big Saturday.

* Another great one. Destined to become an Indie hit?

* Also great, albeit very light.

* Pat's poetic-Eastern-European-Count-side. Is it true he's
* replacing Tom Cruise? A really good song.

Killed Out
* Sounds like something off Big World... Ok.

* Great song. I have ne idea what this is about.

* cute. Doesn't do much for me.

President Chang
* Truly aweful, and racist as well. This is where it starts to
* fall apart for me.

Angel Station
* Very drony and boring. Western Family fare.
Rosemary Davis World of Sound (Reprise)
* Don't get it. Why is this here?

Overall, I really like this record. I think it's much better Than CB.
The overall mood of the record is totally different from CB or CotB.

Another small tidbit: I was in the UK last week (while Pat was in San
Diego of all places). In a quick survey of record stores in SoHo, only
1 had the new record. What's going on with Creation's promotion dept.?
Or could it be that it's so popular they're having a hard time keeping
it in stock?

Correct me if I'm wrong. But I don't think Snap is on KCRW anymore(the
station has gone downhill). It's been replaced by "Evening Becomes
Eclectic" (gag).

That's all.


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