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Date: Mon, 6 Sep 93 21:42:45 -0500
From: del (de l`abattoir)
Subject: Whew!

so ends the set of six "e-mailed as i transcribed them from paper"
messages from the butcher to the members of the jbc-list.

there is a final page wherein he advertizes for very specific
bootleg recordings he wishes. in exchange, he is will to
open his personal bootleg coffers. since it includes un-asciifiable
drawings, i will scan it here and post it to an anonymous FTP site
sometime soon.

<a href="/images/advert.gif">The scanned picture is here</a>
* I have tapes of all manner of JBC live, tapes and recordings
* of radio sessions, all line-ups, all periods, all qualities
* of sound and performance. I'll glady trade what you want,
* but I ONLY WANT the following recordings:

* Szene Wien, Vienna, Austria - March 1993 (Alex!!! you blew it!!)
* Roxy Theatre, Hollywood, California - June 1992
* Liberty Lunch, Austin, Texas - June 1992
* Mean Fiddler, Acoustic Room, London - May 1993
* Black Eg Special, Chicago Radio Session - June 1992
* Sweet water Saloon, Los Osos, California - June 1992

* If you can help, let me know what you want.

* J.B.X.

you know... this guy should take out an add in a weeklie, offering
dubs of his shows for $20 each. he would be deluged.


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