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Date: Tue, 7 Sep 93 10:27:31 -0400
From: bj835[at]-remove-cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Tim Connors)
Subject: Direct from JB

Wow, thanks for all the info straight from the Butcher's mouth!
Most edifying.

I have to ask though: Is it the case that everything posted on
this list eventually makes to Pat? Or that anything posted on
the list might possibly make it to him? Or do you, Del, simply
forward those you think might be of interest? As you might
imagine, I'm a little chastened by his comments to me re:
what the hell was everyone talking about with his life being
lousy around the time of Condition Blue. Ironically, I still
don't know the answer to this question. Is that because
everyone else knew that Butch himself might well read what they
wrote about his mysterious difficulties? Needless to say, a
question that might be appropriate to a bunch of fellow fans
on a bulletin board (and I still think mine was, really) is
not necessarily a question I would put to Pat in person. Oh
well, at least he didn't seem too angry in his reply.

Honestly, all I wanted to know was like maybe one sentence:
Pat had a nasty breakup with his girlfriend, or Pat was
audited by the British tax authorities, or Pat was the
subject of a sleazy bio by Albert Goldman,
something like that. More in part two, as I'm about to be

TJC "Surprisingly tasty..."
* The Jazz Butcher ("JB v. Prime Minister")
Internet: bj835[at]

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