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Date: Tue, 7 Sep 93 17:33:17 BST
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: We're all Turtlebait.

Part One (or "If you're angry, stop... and think.")

I don't really want to be drawn into a discussion about whether Pat
can drag individual members of the jbc-list through hellfire because
we're rude about him. Strikes me he has a perfect right to, actually.
Just as we all (well, me at least) have a right to be as rude as we
want about the records he releases. The problem arises simply because
what Pat responds to is a list-snippet and could be taken out of
context as, obviously, it has since I asked the same "Condition Blue
Trauma" question and Pat didn't roast me alive for *that* at least.

I got what I deserved, but he deserves a severe talking to as a
result. "Get a fucking haircut" indeed! The cheek of the man!

Part Two

Any reaction from the Distressed Gentlefolk brigade about Pat's
obvious dislike of this album?

Part Three

Just thought I'd mention that by sheer coincidence I'll be in London
on Friday so I might just pop along to the Powerhaus gig. Should be
quite a giggle. Any questions, requests (apologies, even) for the
great man?

Sorry, but I can't bootleg unless I can lug my portastudio into the
venue and find a socket for it. Shame, 'cos I guess that solo US
gigs are relatively thin on the ground. :*(


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