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Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1993 23:35:30 EST
From: David A Whittemore <del[at]>
Subject: Western Family..... etc.

> "Conspiracy in America and Canada". It was released in
> 1993. I've heard nothing about this, can someone fill me in on what this
> CD is?

Western Family - live disc of the 92Northamericantour.
see below..

other people said of WF/92
>> Great album. Pity about the sound. All the music is there, but the
> Aside from the well-worn problems with the sound, is it a fair
> reflection of the JBC live experience on the road 1992/3?

well, you dont really get a sense of the drinking, the scenery,
the drinking, the miles, the drinking, or the drinking,
but yes - obviously the tunes on the CD *had* to have come
from the 92tour.

oh. erm.. beside the order of the CD tracks being different
from a typical show, i think it is fairly accurate.
fyi - Still And All almost always started the show, and the
covers (or the odd old tune) would come at the ends.
Shirley always preceeded Racheland which ended in a big big
howling mess before the covers started.

i said
>> would there be any interest for making available a compilation of these
>> old "strange" tunes? there are probably 20 or so tunes which only
>> appeared on b-sides.

ed said
> In my humble opinion, this is probably the best idea that anyone has
> had about anything in quite a long while. How much does it cost to
> master a CD? :*)

you mean after legal suits and stuff?
ok - heres the deal. i will be spending some time with
my turntable this weekend, and i plan to dump all my LPs
and singles to DAT. when i get back(*), we can discuss taping-fests
for people who need copies. just to be ethical though, i will only
dub the older singles. go and buy the newer albums yerself!

domestic Waiting For The Love Bus:
it still is planned to be released on TriStar in the US.

tentative germany tour:
Feb 1 - H'Burg
* 2 - Berlin
* 3-5 - other places
* 6 - Frankfurt

there will be yet-another creation compilation containing
a JBC track after the new year.

UK gig:
Dec 22 - at the Belgium in Northampton (*)
* the old musico's birthday party.

(*) i will be in the UK 14-24 of this month,
* and would like to go drinking as often as possible.
* matt? ed? Jim? joe?
* christmastime dubs of extra-rare stuff dance in my head.

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