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Date: Tue, 3 Jan 1995 01:01:57 -0500
From: de l`abattoir <del>
Subject: Lyrics Transcription

Hi all!

Thanks to Matt and Jim for reporting those gigs.
I hope that you dutifully report only from the goodness
of your hearts, and not for any malicious taunting factors...

As most of you know, there is a companion World Wide Web site
to this mailing list (http://),
which contains an embarrassingly large amount of JBC trivia.

My endless tinkering with it's arrangement has finally gravitated
towards a form I am happy with, and I need some help to fill
information gaps that exist.

Specifically... By my estimation, there are approximately 130
JBC-written songs that have been committed to plastic.

A few of us have been working on transcribing lyrics, of which
approximately half have been completed.

Here are the remaining 70-or-so tunes that could use a critical listen:

* almost brooklyn, betty page, big bad thing, big old wind,
* bubonic plague, buffalo shame, burglar of love, caroline wheeler,
* chinatown, city of night, cowgirl fever, death dentist,
* devil is my friend, down the drain, drink, forever,
* gloop jiving, grooving in the bus lane, hairbrush and tank, hard,
* holiday, honey, i need meat, it has to be you, jb theme, jb v pm,
* lost in france, mind like a playgroup, monkeyface, my desert,
* nightmare being, olof palme, poisoned by food, president reagan,
* rain, rebecca wants her bike back, red pets, sex engine, shes a yo yo,
* beautiful snow-white hair, south america, still and all,
* swingin pygmies, the new world, thing, vodka girls,
* walk with the devil, water, whats the matter boy,
* the word i was looking for

Any takers? There are several family favorites in there..
(hell, if everyone pitched in, the list could be knocked off pretty quickly).

how are you?
it doesn't matter.
'coz i don't care how you really feel" - Vergiftung

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