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Date: 23 Jan 1995 17:29:42 -0600
From: Steve Hill <shill[at]>
Subject: Greetings

Hi everyone. I just joined the list, which I discovered by looking at a copy
of the list of musical lists that I've had sitting around for months.
Quick background, name's Steve, will call myself Shill cos that's my email
name :), live near Chicago, job is in network communications (physical layer
specialist, you might say). My first exposure to Pat Fish was back in 1987, I
think, when I bought a cheap cut-out cassette of "Distressed Gentlefolk".
Absolutely loved it, still one of my favorites. Fortunately I have it on CD
now, as well as a great many others (something like 8 total, I think, perhaps
I'll itemise a list later). Have some vinyl, not a lot. Was just listening to
"Peter Lorre" the other night, as a matter of fact...
I also have Max Eider's album "The Best Kisser in the World" which I (anecdote
warning) found used on vinyl about 4 years ago. Didn't think it existed on
compact disc. About a year later I went to a wedding reception. I went to talk
to the DJ. I glanced at his very small box of CDs and - yes - the Max Eider CD
was there. I asked him if he'd sell it to me for $5. He did. I was happy!
(Anecdote ends.)
Saw JB in Chicago at Lounge Ax on the "Big Planet" tour. Very fun show. It
really struck me, though, how big Pat's head is... :) sorry if that's
offensive to anyone, including Pat!
Going to check out the www page now, looking forward to idle gossip.

[][] [][] Steve Hill Email:shill[at]
[] [] [] Network Specialist Voice:708-925-6273
* William Rainey Harper College Fax:708-925-6030
[] [] [] 1200 West Algonquin Road Page:708-962-0430
[][] [][] Palatine IL 60067-7398 Me? Not allowed? I'm allowed everywhere!

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