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Date: Fri, 10 Feb 1995 12:31:54 GMT
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: shock of the jocks

Hello again.

Re-establishing list contact after a short time spent working. Sorry for the
lack'o'facts in the following comments.

Brian writes:
> BTW, I will be moving to Edinburgh in June. Does anyone know if the JBC
> gets up there very often?

hahahahaha. But interestingly that makes three jbc-list members in
Edinburgh, is there any greater concentration in any other city? (ermm
except Oxford now that I think about it)

Does Pat LISTEN to his public???? He now has an audience of THREE if he
comes to Edinburgh. That's not including whoever keeps buying LoveBus
from the record shops up here.

Sorry - whinge whinge I go and then I remember that he couldn't even get
over to the the US last year where there are probably >3 possible members
of the audience in many more towns.

General Radio One Play Jazz Butcher Shock response:

shit. I missed it. Part of me says that it's now time to start listening to
1FM again since it's obviously going up in the world. The sober, rational
part says "well, that's the single JBC incursion onto national radio we'll
see in a long time, what's the point? I think I'll just play the records

> Steve Lamacq
> Nice remarks in the NME?

correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the last ghost of a chance of JBC
getting a nice word about them in the NME leave when Steve stoped writing
for them?

Related Broadcast Medium Query:

"They work worldwide and they're on TV". Indeed they do and indeed they were.
Weren't they on The Tube way back when? The current start of a "Best of the
Tube" series on Ch4 has got me thinking: anyone have recollections or
knwoledge about this?

ed, hello again again

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