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Date: Sat, 25 Feb 1995 19:46:45 -0500 (EST)
From: PALMATA[at]
Subject: Hello!

You know, I didn't think I'd actually find a JBC mailing list.
Unfortunately, I must confess that I only have 2 JBC
albums--Distressed Gentlefolk and Big Planet Scarey Planet. I like
buying records, so finding JBC records is pretty tough (actually,
finding anything of Pat's is tough around here!). I first found out
about JBC when I was going to school in Providence, RI. I had become
a severe Bauhaus fan (I still am, too), and I noticed on one of the
sleeves to 1979-1983 that David J. had done an album with the Jazz
Butcher (something I would love to find, by the way). Well, that very
spring, who should come to town but Pat himself! He did a show over
at Club Babyhead (this was in 1992--there's a picture of him from
that show on the web somewhere), and I wandered over out of
curiosity. I figured if David J. had worked with him, he must be
good. And he is. It was a really nice, intimate show; I remember he
was all flattered when some guy yelled out "We love you, Pat!". I
liked his version of Camper Van Beethoven's Take The Skinheads
Bowling. Well, that's all I have to say; feel free to send this along
to Pat (I'd love it if you did!).

* --Tracy

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