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Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 16:06:41 -0500
From: bal1775[at] (Ann Lowe)
Subject: Just introducing myself...

Hi everyone!

* I'm so glad to find this list! I first became aware of the Jazz Butcher
when I heard "Hungarian Love Song" on our local college radio station. It's
difficult finding out anything about the group here in Atlanta, or else I'm
running with the wrong crowd... Even the record store people look at me
funny when I ask... And now! A much-welcomed overload of info! He's real!
Not a figment of my sometimes overactive imagination!

* The albums I have are Distressed Gentlefolk, Fishcotheque, Cult of the
Basement, Waiting For the Love Bus, and Condition Blue. I have gotten most
of these by searching the cut-out bins. I was surprised (well, not really)
to see quite a few albums listed on the Web Page that I didn't know about.
Are different albums released in Europe and the US? Or is it just the names
that are different? In other words, how many are there that I don't have
and what are they? And where can I get them?

Glad to meet ya'll,

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