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Date: Thu, 2 Mar 1995 20:09:04 +0000 (GMT)
From: M.G.J.Jenkins[at]
Subject: brief bishop briefing

Hello, I've just found myself with ten minutes' worth of net access,
so I thought I'd tell you the latest. Firstly, the album release has
been put back by one week to MARCH 27TH, due to the inevitable
problems with Creation's art department getting our sleeve together
when The Boo Radleys have also just given birth. Priorities, see?
This doesn't mean that the Borderline gig, which was always intended
as something of a showcase for Illuminate, has been moved, or
anything- it just means that it won't be quite so much fun.
The big news (so big that I almost feel I shouldn't tell you) is that
the last of the great stop-outs has shown in interest in becoming
re-acquainted with the fold. I speak, of course, of Maximillian
Theodore Eider, who has been seen hanging around with a wry smile and
an expensive guitar. I dunno what's going to come of it- there is
certainly no question of him rejoining the band full-time, but it
looks as though he might well have finally come around to the notion
of the Jazz Butcher as a Conspiracy rather than a group (a concept
which, for example, Lix and Dulbreany have never had trouble
grasping). This is only gossip as yet (inner-circle gossip, but
gossip nonetheless), and it's pointless speculating at any length,
but we're pleased he is-to some degree or other- back.

Right, time runs short ("Life's too short... and so are you."), so I
must away. I spoke to Pat about the idea of a more extensive survey
on the Web, and he approved. So much so that he has suggested a
prospective title.... "What Do You Want, Scum?"


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