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Date: Fri, 3 Mar 1995 07:45:42 -0800
From: camus[at] (Julian Stewart)
Subject: A nice find....

Just for the hell of it, I called the local "indie" record shop
to see if they had any of the older Jazz Butcher discs. I was very surprised
to hear they had copies of "Cult of the Basement," "Big Planet Scary Planet,"
"Western Family," and (I believe) "Unconditional."

* I put "Cult.." on hold for myself. I've been waiting two years to
replace my beat-up cassette question is whether "Big Planet..."
and/or "Unconditional" is/are worth having? From what I saw on the web page,
Pat seems to feel that the former is among his weaker albums, and I know the
latter is just a compilation....

* Any help would be appreciated. Also, if anyone is looking for any
of the above discs (I believe they had a coupel of others, but in my
excitement I forgot the titles), I'm certainly willing to pick them up. I
just need to know by seven o'clock tonight (Mountain time zone)....



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