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Date: Fri, 3 Mar 1995 12:12:34 -0500
From: de l`abattoir <del>
Subject: bad lighting

hello all.

as you may know, this month there are a couple of new
Jazz Butcher release: the single (Sixteen Years - Creation CRESCD167)
on the 6th, and the album itself (Illuminate - Creation CRCD182)
on the 27th.

word from pat is that the Creation shop is unexpectedly enthusiastic
over this new material, and they are reportedly taking out newspaper
adverts to promote it. the JBC have a couple upcoming UK gigs:
* 11th (Cellar Bar, Rugby) as a "practice" of the new material, and
* 23rd (Borderline, London) as a proper "album release" show, which
* would have been the case, had Creation not delayed the
* release by a week - thank the new Boo Radley album for that)

there is an "album release party" on monday. pat was musing whom to
invite, and came up with a list of about 15 people from Creation,
and 25 conspirators. he is looking forward to playing with the media types:
* Media: "which one plays guitar?"
* Pat: "that one, and that one, and that one.."
* Media: "which one sings, then?"
* ....

who (in the UK) watched the Stranger Tractors performing on TV last month?
it was part-time conspirator Curtis singing, and full-time conspirator
pat fish playing drums.. apparently, Curt managed to sneak in the phrase
"YHET ABRIDGE" (obscure Black Eg reference - see the Black Eg web page
for an explanation)

pat & co have made a video for Sixteen Years, which they will present
to Creation (and they can do with it what they will) - apparently, they
recorded it themselves using a borrowed camcorder, and they intend for
the audio not to be the studio version, but what the camcorder picked
up with it's built-in microphone! the mighty kathie mcginty is doing
video post production on it this afternoon.

the old Glass re-issues will happen - the ink is dry on the Fire Records
contracts, it is just a matter of time before they hit the stores.
first will be Sex And Travel, then A Scandal In Bohemia.

there may be mini-tours specifically to promote the old material,
so those of you who hate the new stuff might have another shot at
re-living 1986 (probably more on this later, and the news will be worth
the wait...)

the new album. i know, tough to talk about what has yet to be heard...
however, *if* Creation really has it's act together, and *if* the
material really is "a throwback to 1984 - it's really STUPID", then
there is a chance this Conspiracy thing could get out of hand.

speaking of, the new albums will contain this mailing list's address
and that of the Web site. what sort of impact that may have on
this little oasis, i do not know...

3 days and counting here.

"breakfast would be nice,
* a nice breakfast,
* big and large and not continental" - Vergiftung

JBC - http://

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