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Date: Sat, 4 Mar 1995 05:10:47 +0001 (EST)
From: MATTHEW M FOGEL <mf94br[at]>
Subject: Illuminate and other stuff.

I could be wrong, and I could be pointing out the obvious but
won't Sixteen Years be the first video that "The JBC intercontinental
analogue sampling firm (95?)" have ever done?

Well, whatever, I think it's neat, especially that Pat's done it on
Camcorder. To cop a phrase..."It's so appropriate it makes me grin."

I mean, me and my cousin Tom used to get twisted up about who the Butcher
was, for years we argued about whether or not it was actually David J.
(With Apologies Pat).

But once he had gone public just before Condition Blue it all started to
make sense..."You look more like a Fish"..."Fishcotheque"(Damn good album
by the don't walk to your indie shop) "Fish is biodegradable" etc.
(How many references can you find I wonder?) But I've rambled too long
already so to cut to the chase I'm looking forward to the Canadian
release of Illuminate (I think Polygram still distributes Creation here)
and I hope Much Music plays the video ONCE so the Canadian punter get to
see it.

: That Which Is MATT "The silence roared displeasure:looking down :
: He saw the shadow of an Average Man :
: Attempting the exceptional, and ran." --W.H. Auden:
: :
: Matthew M.J. Fogel (mf94br[at] :

Who thinks that although BPSP isn't Butch's strongest album, it has a few
high points that are well worth the $15 or $20 for CD...including The
Good Ones, The Word I Was Looking For, and the hysterically witty Bad
Dream Lover....

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